What is a Narrative Essay? A narrative essay is a writing style where writers have a chance to be themselves or to tell their own story. A narrative essay is written using a first person, meaning sharing your personal viewpoint or experience. It allows the writer to share all the details of the event as well as emotions the writer had while writing an essay. It would be an advantage if the writer can share a personal experience in the essay.

This type of the essay should have a basic story plot, a setting, a climax, characters, and a conclusion. Good narrative essay usually includes a lot of descriptive words and additional details in order to make the story more attractive and engaging. Narrative essays can serve as a basis for the autobiographical works. There are a lot of typical autobiographical narratives that consist of several short narrative essays devoted to different periods of person’s life.

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Purpose of the Narrative Essay

When you write a narrative essay, you get a chance to know and understand yourself better. It is well known fact that if you want to reveal who you are, you should write a story how you have gained new experience. It can be sharing of seeing the world through personal reflection. In addition, it can be how you became aware of some important issues, or how you get an insight, related to the chosen story. In most cases, this awareness occurs for unexplainable reasons while encountering new ideas or having life-changing experience.

During the process of the narrative essay writing, you will have an opportunity to learn the ways of articulating personal experience in order to inform and entertain others in the most effective way. Narratives spark readers curiosity and draw the reader close to the storyteller. In addition, a narrative essay should have the following functions:

  • Create a sense of shared history and linking people together.
  • Provide an entertainment. Good narrative essay can be compared with an intriguing book or a thrilling movie.
  • Apply a psychological impact. When the person reads or listens to the narrative of the someone else’s story, it can help to deal with his or her own problems, issues or life experiences.
  • Offer a personal insight. Narrative essay can help the reader to discover new life values, explore possible options and examine motives.

Narrative Essay Characteristics

The main characteristic of the narrative essay is obligatory description of the experience that has influenced your personality, the way you think or feel. As the narrative essay is similar to the story format, it should describe the feelings of the main character through the actions performed, rather than buy simple telling the information. However, to write a good narrative essay it is not just enough to entertain the reader, the writer should also make a point and convey a purpose. Writer’s goal should be not only telling the interesting story, but to outline the importance of the experience described and its influence on the main character of the narrative. Good idea is to use the experience presented in the essay as the springboard for the reflection.

Features of Good Narrative Essay

  • A good narrative involves readers into the story. It is much more exciting to recreate the experience for readers than merely tell about it.
  • A good narrative relates all events in sequence. Specific scenes should be set in actual settings, taking place at the specific time. Try to show your story, not to tell it.
  • A good narrative includes observation of events, places and people in detail. Recall sounds, tastes and smells, sights and tactile feelings. Give actual names to places and people in your essay.
  • A good narrative present impressive changes, contrasts and conflicts and create tension. Create a contrast between past and present. Show the character’s growth through the story.
  • A good narrative is usually told from the first person narrator author’s point of view.
  • A good narrative has a focus on connection between the events in the past and people or present events and places. It should show the relevance of the essay for the world today and the world in the future.
  • A good narrative always makes a point and communicates to the single main idea. All details, scenes, conflicts, connections in the essay should lead to a single dominant impression for the essay paper. State the importance of the experience described in the essay.