The USA is home to the best universities and colleges in the world.

As an international student, this is the dream destination to further your education. However, this dream often comes with a hefty price tag as the average tuition costs per annum to get a university education in America ranges between $32,231 for private universities, to roughly $22,958 for public institutions. You shouldn’t despair though, for a large chunk of this fee, for students attending American universities is often covered by some form of financial aid such as student loans, grants or, scholarships.

As an international student, applying for a scholarship remains your best chance of furthering your studies in America. The good news, however, is that there are plenty of scholarships available for international students that have been accepted into USA colleges. These scholarships are classified according to different criteria to enable students in need to apply for the type of scholarships they are most suited. The main scholarship classifications include:

Need-Based Scholarships

The above scholarships are awarded to students according to how great their financial need is, and the general inability of the student to sustain themselves on campus without any additional help. In most cases, such types of scholarships are reserved for US residents. All the same, some schools do award such scholarships to international students. If you feel you qualify for the above, try checking out the availability of a needs scholarship from the institutions you are eying.

Merit-Based Scholarships

Bar a need’s scholarship, the second most known type is one term paper service that’s based on merit. The above is awarded based on the student’s excellence in a particular field, mostly academics or sports. In the case of academic scholarships, funding is mostly from private organizations or the college, but a student must score near-perfect grades in academia including the SAT or ACT score. Alternatively, a merit scholarship can be awarded to an individual following exemplary performance outside the class, i.e. as a community leader, or by being great at sports.

School Specific Scholarships

Many colleges also have a scholarship program for international students. These programs are highly specific, however, and award of the same is based on the student fitting the set procedure perfectly. In most cases, these scholarships are rewarded to students for a specific course and degree program. Likewise, some scholarship programs might only be available to girls, or students from a minority group.

Country Based Scholarships

An international student can also be granted a scholarship based on their country of residence. Most higher learning institutions offer scholarships to bright students from specific countries for the chance to study in America. Many corporate bodies are have also been known to support such scholarship funds over the years to assist needy students from specific countries to gain a good education. In most cases, for students to qualify for such a scholarship, they must be from a developing world nation, while still portraying sufficient merit to justify the investment.

While there are many scholarships out there, none is going to drop from heaven and land on your lap. You should thus get ready to apply for multiple scholarship programs according to what types most fit into your achievements. By doing your research properly, and working to better your chances by maintaining high grades consistently.