Sometimes, your college or university professor can give you a task to write a short essay. It can be a bit complicated if you do not know what a short essay is. If you have no idea, what are the requirements for the short essay format, and how to do it effectively.

What is a Short Essay Format?

Short essay is an essay with the length of the written part from 1 to 5 typed pages with double spaced lines. It should present the same ideas as the essay of the normal size. In the short essay, thoughts and ideas of the writer are usually compressed. Short sentences are more preferable while complex sentences are not advised for common use. As well as a normal essay, a short essay has a standard structure. It definitely should have a thesis statement, an introduction, a body and a conclusion.

Tips for Writing a Short Essay

If you write a short essay, you must understand that the topic you choose can give you 50% of success. The topic of short essay should be very specific. Your topic should influence the reader’s opinion. That is why you should try finding highly specialized topic. Avoid absurdly broad topics like The Communist Party in the Soviet Union. Instead of them, write a topic like Views of Soviet Communist party on Women during Stalin’s Late Years. This topic is manageable. It will give you a chance not to lose the important elements of the essay because of the limited amount of pages.

Make up which information can be relevant for your essay, which should not be included. Focus on the important statements. Avoid using too much background information. Your research must be focused on the things that directly affect the area of your topic.

Write an outline for your essay. You should create fill in the blanks structure. Your outline should be dictated by the results of your research rather than by your own views on the topic. Begin your outline with the thesis statement, then should go your basic argument, argument itself and conclusion. You can eliminate citations in the short essay.
Ask someone to read your first draft. Try to find a person who does not know anything about your essay topic and does not have preconceived views. Take this person criticism as serious as possible.

The second draft is still not considered to be a final one. If you have explained the findings of your research plainly in the first draft, you should look here for the coherence. The introductory paragraph with the summary of your essay should lead to the second and third paragraphs naturally. Paragraphs after the introduction should present the ideas of your essay in detail and explain their importance. The body of the paper should lay out the evidence in detail and do not go beyond the thesis statement, but it naturally flows from it.

If you need to add some extraneous detail, you can use footnotes and endnotes. They may help the reader without too big diverging from your thesis.

The conclusion should be different from your first paragraphs. Try not to repeat ideas mentioned before, but to analyze everything that was written, and draw a conclusion. The conclusion should revolve around your thesis statement and follow the ideas presented there.

If you find yourself being unsure about the relevance of any information piece, you’d better not use it. Coherence is what makes a short essay extremely powerful, comparing to the classic essay. Your arguments should be tight without multiplication of sources.

Avoid using personal memories, describing your personal experience in the short essay. It is not professional or relevant.

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If you study a short essay sample carefully, you will see they have supporting arguments in the essay body. Your opinion should be backed-up by several statements. All the engaging essays have correctly written paragraphs. Writers usually use such transitions words as next and finally at the beginning of sentences. It helps to set a connection between paragraphs and organize the ideas within them. The effective essay has powerful final paragraph, meaning the conclusion. The thoughts are summarized with the powerful statement at the end. Good conclusion can turn your essay into powerful and professional writing.