ESL (English as a Second Language) is the usage of English by people speaking other foreign languages. Many people across the world decide to use English as an international tool of communication due to its influence and spread in the societal world. Teaching ESL takes two perspectives including instructions to the people who want to live in English-speaking nations and the people who learn the language as a common good.

An ESL essay is an article written by a person learning the English language to improve his or her language understanding.

It educates or makes the student to understand and use English language effectively. The use of common framework used by learners in writing an ESL essay helps them to understand the language easily and faster. The concept requires the learners to start writing the article by identifying and understanding the topic and brainstorming about thesis or central ideas of the article. However, this common framework outlines a specific format that should be followed when writing ESL essays. The ESL essay consists of introduction paragraph, body paragraphs, and then summary or conclusion paragraph. It is a typical structure used when writing all ESL essays. The introduction part outlines the thesis statement of the topic where the detailed information about the topic is discussed in the body paragraphs. The conclusion part summarizes the essay by reversing the thesis statement.

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In conclusion, writing the ESL essays is simplified using a standard structural format in which the content is arranged to enhance flow of ideas. The format helps the ESL students by simplifying the tasks of understanding the language since it reduces the language barrier faced by ESL people.